Saliegh Salaam

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Saliegh is responsible for driving Net Client Cash Flow, Performance and Profitability of Shari’ah Funds and Specialist Equity (Managed Volatility and Managed Alpha) Funds.

He is the lead Fund manager and champion of Shari’ah products (equity and multi-asset) since 2007. In addition, Saliegh is also the lead fund manager on Old Mutual High Yield Opportunity Fund (Managed volatility) and co-fund manager on Managed Alpha Funds. Saliegh is the liaison for Shari’ah board and Shari’ah product partners. Saliegh is a member of the boutique Exco and Sales committee.

Saliegh has 20 years of financial markets experience encompassing the entire investments value chain, from dealing, equity analysis, portfolio management and leadership.

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