Safiyyah Surtee

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Safiyyah is a graduate of Arabic and Islamic Studies, completed her M.A in Islam with a focus on gender. She is an avid writer, dabbling in freelance journalism and a community activist, concerned mainly with Muslim women’s issues, advocating for the participation of Muslim women at all levels of religious life.  She is a contributor to Muslimah Media Watch, where she critiques representations of Muslim women in the media.

Safiyyah is also a teaching fellow in the Study of Islam at the University of Johannesburg. She has worked at the Afro-Middle East Centre previously. She is the co-founder of Faithworks, a network of South African Muslim women, running activities like halaqat, retreats, interfaith & solidarity events, film screenings and more. Safiyyah serves on the committee of Masjid ul-Islam, where she serves the congregation. She lives in Johannesburg with her husband Ebrahim and their twin girls.

Her religious outlook is one steeped in the rich heritage of classical tradition and spirituality, with a contextualized vantage point.

This blog is a collection of articles that have been published on various platforms.