Raabia Ravat

Written by AccidentalMuslims.com

Raabia Ravat is an ordinary 13 years old girl with an extraordinary soul. Her wisdom far exceeds her years.This young teen’s humility and kindness touches the hearts of many.

Raabia is currently in grade 9 at the Ahmed Timol Secondary school.Through perseverance and tenacity, she manages to excel at school and has been a budding entrepreneur from the tender age of 7 years old.

Raabia is one of the youngest members of Green Deen S.A. Unlike most teens today, she enjoys gardening and reading as hobbies. She is a well- known advocate for Down Syndrome awareness. Her brother’s struggles and her passion for books has motivated this bookworm to start an online book business called Trendsetter Hijabi Books.

She has been interviewed on iTV, Channel Islam International and Radio Islam. Her memorable moments include her appearance at Jozis Books and Blogs Festival last year and her opportunity to have her articles published in the Covered Magazine and the Roshgold Magazine.

This young humanitarian’s business and social responsibility initiatives have led her to networking with a tribe of inspirational South African women, like Zaheerah Bham Ismail, who support her ventures. Her mentors are authoress Umm Zakiyyah, authoress Apa Rehana Shah Bulbulia, Dr Zaheera Jeena Asvat, Shaakira Rahiman from Roshgold Investments and Khalil Aleker from AccidentalMuslims.com.

Being a victim of bullying and a shy introvert, Raabia has had to step out of her comfort zone to do what she loves. We all have a story to tell. She is honored to have the platform to tell hers…