Nwabisa Sigaba

Written by AccidentalMuslims.com

Ms Nwabisa Nadia Sigaba is a Lecturer, unionist and activist and currently working at the University of South Africa. I am currently working on my Masters degree and my topic is about the transformative role of student movements in SA. I am a revert Muslim women who has been engaged in various community upliftment projects around Tshwane.

I am the founder of Al Madinah Institute which is a Non-profit organization that provides assistance to disadvantaged communities in and around Tshwane. I am a propergator for the rights of women in Islam and often feature on platforms that address the issues and challenges faced by black Muslim women within South Africa.

I am very privileged to be invited to be part of the programme that addresses spiritual issues specifically for black Muslim women more especially in a country that has a history of undermining and looking down on Islam and black women in general.