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Muhammad Junaid Chafeker, aka, Ma Li Jien(M.J.Li), name given in China. Qualified School Teacher, also Qualified Radio/Tv Producer and Presenter. Started Kungfu Training in Cape Town, S.A. and then went on to train extensively and professionally in Mainland China, Hong Kong and The USA


He has been a Professional S.A. Kungfu Athlete, for over 20 years and represented South Africa, at 5 World Championships: 2005 (Beijing, 3rd bronze), 2010 (Shanghai, 2nd silver), 2012 (USA and Mexico,1st, 2gold),  2014 (USA, 1st, 3gold), 2016 (New York and Texas, 4 Gold, 1st)

Currently working with Youth across Western Cape and South Africa, developing future Kungfu champions.

Will take a Youth Squad from S.A. to Hong Kong in March 2018 for International Tournament.

Representing South Africa at 3 World Champs in 2018: USA, China and Russia

Personal Mission Statement: “A true master dwells within, whom only you can choose to liberate”

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