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A seasoned professional in all aspects of media including radio and television broadcasting, film and journalism. I have worked both in the business and creative arenas and have more than 28 years’ experience in the industry.

I have extensive experience in the running of a radio station having been charged with developing and implementing department budgets, managing and training staff including technicians and on air presenters, sourcing on air talent, overseeing studio operations and providing input on staff conflict resolutions.

I also have extensive on air experience.

I am a partner in Film Ad, a film company that oversees film shoots for foreign companies in South Africa. Here too I am entrusted with working within the client’s budget to ensure that their production in the country is cost effective. I liaise with the foreign client, local government stakeholders, service providers, talent and crew to develop the local shooting budget and then oversee the entire production process handling all logistics with my team to ensure a successful shoot.

Razia Bawa Productions was formed to produce Films and TV series for both local and international consumption. Our debut feature, Bhai’s Cafe, will go into production in February 2018. We have various TV series in different stages of development and production.

I have consulted successfully with clients on their brand building, marketing and advertising requirements for both radio and print mediums. Here, I create a campaign within a set budget from concept through production and implementation, liaising at all times with the client, production houses as well as radio and newspaper entities.

I am an actor, voice artiste, writer, producer, director and inspirational speaker.

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