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Dr Lamees Ras, 35, of Walmer Estate Cape Town, is breaking boundaries in the field of gynaecology by setting her sights on becoming one of a handful of certified urogynaecologists in the country.

A urogynecologist manages clinical problems associated with dysfunction of the pelvic floor and bladder. Pelvic floor disorders affect the bladder, reproductive organs, and bowels.

She currently works mostly at Groote Schuur Hospital under the mentorship of one of very few women in the field, Dr Kendall Brouard. But she also spends time each week in the private sector at Vincent Pallotti and Christiaan Barnard Memorial hospitals.

“That’s how many women there are who need our help, indicating the many, many more who are still thinking there is nothing that can be done for them, so just existing with their conditions,” Dr Ras said.

Urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse, which Dr Ras’s research has shown, is wrecking too many lives of women older than 50.

Dr Ras, 35, is passionate. She is aware that she is leading the charge in respect of not only securing official recognition for the sub-speciality of urogynaecology in South Africa, but also changing women’s lives for the better.

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