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In a world where people are disillusioned by those in power at the highest levels of organisation and society, one speaker – a specialist in conversations that build lasting trust – will inspire men and women at every level to uncover their intrinsic leadership through collaborative interaction, co-creative practices and daily sharing of aspirations. They will discover that they hold the power to create and transform worlds merely with their words and become ‘beloved’ leaders wherever they are in life and work.

Hani brings 22 years’ experience in local and international training environments and has worked with CEOs of multi-nationals, academic staff in higher education, local government, non-profit organisations and struggling youth in impoverished townships.

Together they have solved problems ranging from negotiating in foreign markets, presenting proposals for change management, developing team cohesion, practicing cultural sensitivity in diverse teams, to establishing community projects with inclusive participation processes.

Hani’s commitment is to connect with each person, empowering their inherent abilities. In so doing, she creates a space for our deep and common humanity to arise. When learning and communication happen in that space, the extraordinary is born.

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