Fehmida Jordaan (Fehmz)

Written by AccidentalMuslims.com

Fehmida Jordaan is the person behind the well known brand  Fehmz. While many of us are aware of her social media profile, today we share a little more about the personality behind the brand.

She is a proud Muslimah, a wife, a mother,a  full time employee, a student and an entrepreneur.

Fehmida has an honours degree in Interior Design which sparked her journey into this creative world and is currently completing a post graduate diploma in Administration.

Over the years her journey has taken her across many roads and down different paths.

She started off in specialising in exhibition design then working in government, being a lecturer, being a student, getting married, being broke, trying different businesses, failing some, succeeding at some, falling pregnant , having a baby and all that jazz.

In 2011 Fehmz started mocktails classes to help make ends meet, and this has grown into the business that is now Fehmz Mocktails which supplies craft drinks to the market through retail stockists.

She has also recently launched the HalaalGoodsMarket which is a concept to bring a curated market of halaal craft food and design objet to the consumers on a quarterly basis. The market is aimed at having vendors who are small businesses developing products on their own and serving to the consumer and has just completed its second iteration The personality we all know on social media  is a little bit of fun and randomness, a dollop of humour and a topping of  food all rolled into one.

She loves to eat, talk, meet people, travel and share it with the world.

Her passion lies in building others and helping them walk a journey she has travelled on