Faizal Sayed – MC

Written by AccidentalMuslims.com

Producer, TV Show Host and CEO of Deen TV, Faizal Sayed started his television career in 2001 producing a range of productions for the SABC, ETV, ITV, CTV, Asian fusion and ICN. Prior to entering the television market, Faizal was a radio show host at a local community radio station.

Faizal’s forte as a TV host is in panel discussions and interviews along with his ability to articulate through discussions coupled with a natural ability to build high levels of rapport and extract information in an open, honest and candid manner is a hallmark ability and loved by audiences.

Being the National Ambassador for The Sunflower Fund, Faizal has always had an inclination for community and social upliftment and is involved with campaigns that attend to the needs of sick children amongst others. He is also involved with

Animal Rights advocacy campaigns like the seal campaign in Namibia.

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