Bilqees OMAR

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Bilqees moved to Cape Town almost 11 years ago when she tied the knot with her husband in December 2006, after completing her Honours in Accounting at the University of KwaZulu-Natal Durban.

In January 2007, she joined Deloitte Cape Town as a Trainee Accountant to complete her article’s training contract. During this tenure, she had her first child, Bayyinah, who turns 10 next month. 3 years later, in 2010, she qualified as a Chartered Accountant. Shortly after, she went on a short sabbatical from corporate, intending to return 3 months later.

Having discovered that she was pregnant for the second time, it was decided she’d do a short Home Executive stint and in 2011, Bilqees and her husband welcomed their son into the world. Life happened and to date, she continues to lovingly, remain on sabbatical, and has subsequently been promoted to Chief Home Executive, having had her second son in 2013.

From donating a few 100s of litres of breast milk to Milk Matters over a span of 5 years, she was instrumental in giving hope and life to many a premature babies fighting for survival to having discovered her zest for being active and sweating it out at the gym, she’s been pottering about in an assortment of activities, dabbling in a little bit of everything, ranging from  enhancing her personal spiritual wellness to teaching her kids to recite the Quran to indulging in her desire to love and inspire wherever she goes.

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