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“After matric, my intention was to pursue studies in the Fine Arts and Film & Media however I had no financial backing. After more than a year I received a bursary but it did not want to cover my chosen field ,instead I had to do a degree, it lead me to the University of the Western Cape.
At UWC . Whilst at university, I was exposed to a myriad of cultures and people who most often had their own perceptions about Islam and I would more than often become their point of reference.

This was partially the impetus for my studies into a 6 year program of Islamic Sciences. It was a challenge getting employment after graduating and I subsequently found myself as a labourer in the construction industry. With not even enough money to pay my rent I ended up registering myself at UNISA to complete my degree.
Realising that I needed to maintain my wife and children I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and fears.

My fear of crowds, my shyness, my fear of failure. My fragile confidence.
In the process I discovered that what I feared was in fact my passion.

Teaching then a radio host/ producer and an imaam was serving the community. Being a ward councilor is still being a servant of people (God) – serving people is my passion.”

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